Advanced energy control materials

Confor® Cushioning and Impact Absorbing product sheet

Tufcote Barriers and Composites product sheet

Isodamp and Isoloss damping and isolating material product sheet

Isodamp and Isoloss grommets mounts and isolators product sheet

Isoloss LS energy control foam product sheet

Tufcote absorbing foams product sheet

Buoyancy solutions
QX-Ultra-WROV-Gallery 14 11 2017

Eccofloat® product sheet

Mooring 3 1024x575

Njord EB and Njord SB product sheet

Spherical buoy 1024x575

Njord EB ellipsoidal buoyancy and Njord SB spherical buoyancy

Nano3 1024x575

Njord NB product sheet

Residency Buoyancy sml

Residence buoyancy product sheet

Scan Converter Family 1024x575


Defense applications

Defense applications air

Defense applications helicopter


Defense applications land soldier

Defense applications subsea

Defense applications surface

Hollow shells defense

End Of Line testing

End of line Testing brochure

Erosion & abrasion resistant materials

Erosion and abrasion protection material product sheet

Hollow shells


Hollow shells aerospace

Hollow shells defense

Hollow shells medical

Hollow shells power plant

Hollow shells subsea

Passive fire protection
Soteria FR1500 fire test 1024


Trelleborg  Soteria FRV 1024 x 575 Hero image



Radar mitigation

Frame® product sheet

Rail systems

Leniter acoustic barrier system product sheet

Leniter Ballast Mat sml1

Leniter ballast mat product sheet

Pre coated rail system product sheet

Vector embedded rail system product sheet

Screening media systems

Scandura brochure

Scandura datasheet

Screen printing

Unitex® Sprint


Unitex® Marathon


Unitex® Exar


Unitex Ulon HP

Unitex Sample Image

Unitex Range Brochure


Unitex Independent Report

Thermal & acoustic insulation

Intek® MTI 1046 fibre hull board insulation product sheet

Intek PFI 1110 product sheet

Intek PFI 1120 product sheet

Intek PFI 1130 product sheet

Intel UMI 1075 glass wool hull board insulation product sheet

Thermoforming materials

Syntac 350

Syntac 450

Syntac HTS 2020

Syntac HTS TDS

Syntac STS 2020

Syntac STS TDS

Syntac STS 2020

Syntac STS Features Article

Tooling solutions & materials

EP678 epoxy tooling board

EP700 epoxy tooling board

TC350 2020

TC350 epoxy tooling board