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Solutions for Reeling Applications
Trelleborg Oil and Marine is the leading supplier of innovative and field-proven large bore flexible bonded hoses for crude oil, refined and chemical products, and LPG/LNG offshore transfer applications. We are proud to present our solution for Oil Offloading Reel system: Reeline hoses. OCIMF GMPHOM 2009 certified, API Spec 17K available.
Solutions for floating LNG Terminals
To global FLNG operators who want to maintain the utmost levels of safety and give increased flexibility to LNG production, Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses is your global partner delivering high-performing, innovative and qualified solutions to enhance overall efficiency of FLNG terminals.
Cryoline by Trelleborg
Cryoline LNG hoses enable to consider FLNG projects for harsh environmental conditions. Unlike side by side LNG transfer, this solution enhances safety, operability and availability of the FLNG facilities by increasing the distance between the vessels.
Solutions for Oil & Petroleum Supply Chain
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