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FlatSeal™ Material Portfolio

FlatSeal™ HMF10

Elastomer-bonded fiber gaskets


Composed of a blend of aramid fibers, elastomer materials and special functional fillers, this family includes five materials, which are suitable for a wide range of conventional applications.

FlatSeal™ HMF20

Fiber-reinforced graphite gasket


Combining the properties of conventional fiber gaskets and graphite gaskets, FlatSeal™ HMF20 demonstrates effective long-term performance in high pressure applications.

FlatSeal™ HMF30 Series

Expanded graphite gaskets


Graphite based flat gaskets are designed to effectively seal under extreme temperatures and pressures and in applications containing harsh chemicals. 

FlatSeal™ HMF40 Series

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based gaskets


Demonstrating universal chemical compatibility, this family of gaskets offers outstanding sealing performance to ensure safety and optimize the efficiency of food and chemical processing equipment. 

FlatSeal™ HMF66

Phlogopite mica gasket


Specially engineered for use in the most demanding operating environments, FlatSeal™ HMF66 consists of a phlogopite mica composite with an expanded metal inlay, combining superior sealing performance with enhanced strength.

FlatSeal™ HMFEG

Medical grade Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber (EPDM) gasket


Specially engineered for use in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, FlatSeal™ HMFEG is compliant with a wide range of industry-relevant standards and approvals.

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