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Trelleborg Stopper

Pressure testing of repaired pipes for proving the result of lining operations and pressure testing of newly laid pipes and pipelines gain more and more in importance. Trelleborg’s stoppers and flow-through plugs are optimally suited for the temporary blanking off and bypassing of flows during pipe tests and repairs. They can be used for a wide scope of cleaning, inspection and maintenance applications, but also during a renovation job. The flexible and gripping material gives a reliable seal on any pipe material. The epros®DrainStopper system is designed for both circular and egg-shaped pipes

Bypass Plug

For circular pipes

Designed for water stopping, bypassing and pressure testing. Standard version or oil-resistant version (+) Available in following diameters: 

Without bypass (Type SOP or SOP+)
3/4" - 60"  |  20 - 1500 mm 

With bypass (Type BY)
1 3/4" - 60"  | 46 - 1500 mm

Other sizes or plugs for higher back pressures available on request. 
Egg-shaped plug

For egg-shaped pipes

Multidimensional plug, designed for water stopping, bypassing and pressure testing in egg-shaped pipes and sewers. Standard version or oil-resistant version (+). Available with and without bypass from a diameter of 

8/12” – 40/60”  | 200/300  – 1000/1500 mm

Lateral plug

Extra short plugs

epros®DrainStoppers, Type Z / Z+, are extra short and therefore appropriate for small pipe diameters and tight access points. As these plugs are not reinforced with cord, they have excellent stretching and sealing characteristics in pipe diameters from 20 mm - 305 mm (0.7" - 11 ").

Standard version (Type Z) or oil-resistant (Type Z+)


Pillow-shaped plugs 

Pillow-shaped pipe plugs for stopping, bypassing and pressure testing of large pipes in sizes between from a diameter of 

24” – 80” | 600 – 2100 mm 


Technical Approvals, Patents, Quality Standards

CE Mark

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DIN ES ISO 14001

Quality Management

DIN EN ISO 14001


Trelleborg Stopper program



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