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Trelleborg LCR-B | Lateral connection repair of horizontal and vertical pipes in buildings

The Trelleborg LCR-B system allows  the lateral connection repair without the need to hack into walls or excavate the grounds. Exceptionally compact and flexible, it is able to navigate through main pipes of DN 100 to DN 200 [4" to 8"] to seal the lateral connections with angles up to 90° and diameters from DN 50 to DN 200. 

Trelleborg LCR-S | Lateral connection repair of buried main sewer pipes
The Trelleborg LCR-S system is an essential method and cost-saving tool to repair and permanently seal main/lateral interfaces and connections from the main line, DN 135 - DN 600 [5.3" – 24"]) down into the lateral, DN 100 - DN 200 [4" – 8"]

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