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ECF Healthcare & Medical Quarterly

Quarter 2 2020


We hope that you are all keeping healthy and safe, wherever you are reading this around the world.

Our Engineered Coated Fabrics operation has been playing its part this quarter as a key component supplier to help medical device manufaturers globally stay well stocked and ready for quick turnaround times on high demand products.

Internally, we have been shaping our ‘whole package’ offering, as we look to bring you access to an even wider range of technical fabrics for even more applications across the healthcare & medical sector.

As ever, please do drop us a line to discuss your next project – you may be surprised by what we can offer.

Wishing you all the very best


Mark Jones
Global Director ECF Healthcare & Medical
General Manager Trelleborg Nottingham

Do you know we do…surgical fabrics?


As well as stretchy, breathable fabrics for support surfaces, Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics has the capabilites to produce skin-safe fabrics for use in surgical applications, such as:

  • Drug delivery systems
  • Endoscopy bags
  • Laparoscopy inflatables/ bags
  • Thermal Packs
  • Wound retractors
  • And more…

Talk to our technical team about specifications and fabric options for surgical textiles.

New starters

We’re pleased to welcome Kevin Eadson, who has joined as Maintenance Manager at Trelleborg Nottingham (UK). Our maintenace teams play a vital role in ensuring the manufacturing lines keep on running to supply coated fabrics for medical device manufacturers across the globe.  
While over at Trelleborg New Haven (CT, USA), Materials Manager Rick Landau recently celebrated 45 years of working at the site. Congratuations Rick!

Supporting local communities

Trelleborg Nottingham donated face masks to Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, a local healthcare provider. 

They have been used by Repton Health Centre nurses, who are providing care to patients in the community. 

Pictured Mick Goff, Mixing Room Supervisor with letter of thanks from Repton Health Centre team


Keeping it clean – a quick guide to support surface infection control


Infection control is a critical issue across the healthcare & medical sector right now. Keeping covers clean will maintain barrier properties for longer; giving a better return over a longer life time.

Download our guide for keeping your Dartex® and Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics in optimum condition

Spot the duck!


There’s a new addition to the Trelleborg Nottingham team, as a mother duck has made her home in one of the service yards behind the factory! The team have been keeping her well watered with her own personal water bucket, and we’re keeping a close eye out for the little ducklings to hatch. Quack quack!