Taking application performance to new heights through engineered material solutions

Our innovative polymer-coated solutions meet strict aerospace industry standards for strength-to-weight ratio, dependability and abrasion resistance. We understand the unique challenges of manufacturing materials and meeting regulatory requirements (such as FAA) for aerospace applications.

Trelleborg is the leading supplier of materials to major companies in the industry, such as Boeing, Airbus and McDonald Douglas. With an extensive portfolio of proven engineered coated fabrics and the expertise to develop innovative, application-specific solutions, Trelleborg is a partner that can always meet your exact requirements. 

Selected applications



Gangway bellows

Gangway Bellows

Blimps Airships Tapes
Evacuation Slides and Slide Rafts
Flame Suits

Cabin and interior

Cabin & Interior Panels

Inflatable hangars

Inflatable Hangars

And many more, such as
Floats and Lifting Bags
Fuel Cells
Fuel Storage Tanks
Fuel Tank Bladders

Evacuation slides

Evacuation Slides & Slide Rafts

Life rafts

Life Rafts

Life Vests
Sound Insulations

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