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Materials Designed to Outlast the March

Macys Parade Balloon Design_Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabric
Aerial Advertising:
Amplify attention from the skies with advertising blimps that transform marketing into art.
Communication Platforms:
Revolutionize wireless communication networks with our materials in tethered aerostats, connecting remote areas with reliable solutions.
Scientific Research:
Gather critical atmospheric data with research balloons that contribute to climate studies, meteorological observations, and scientific breakthroughs.
Search and Rescue Operations:
Equip surveillance balloons with our materials to aid in locating missing individuals or disaster-stricken areas.
Environmental Monitoring:
Monitor air quality, pollution levels, and wildlife populations with balloons equipped with environmental sensors.
Tourism and Sightseeing:
Provide aerial experiences with tethered passenger balloons that unveil panoramic views of scenic landscapes and urban skylines.
Agricultural Surveillance:
Optimize crop health monitoring with balloons equipped with imaging technology for comprehensive field analysis.
Weather Observation:
Partner with meteorological agencies to supply weather balloons that collect vital atmospheric data for weather forecasting and climate studies.
Aerial Photography:
Capture stunning aerial imagery with camera-equipped balloons, serving industries requiring unique mapping and analysis perspectives.
Remote Sensing:
Support remote sensing missions with LTA platforms equipped with specialized mapping, monitoring, and resource management sensors.
Disaster Response:
Aid in disaster relief efforts with emergency balloons delivering supplies, communication equipment, and medical assistance to remote areas.
Collaboration and Partnership:
Join us in shaping the LTA landscape through collaborative innovation