Coated material solutions for maximum protection in harsh environments

From heat stress to environmental and chemical resistance, we offer the most reliable materials with the highest level of barrier protection on the market.  

Trelleborg's protective fabrics are engineered to the highest levels of performance while maintaining maximum comfort and breathability.

With an extensive portfolio of proven engineered coated fabrics and the expertise to develop innovative, application-specific solutions, Trelleborg is a partner that can always meet your exact requirements.

Selected applications

Chemical protective clothing

Chemical Protective Clothing

Flame-resistant Cuff Materials
High-temperature Glove
Inflatable Life Rafts
Inflatable Mine Shelter Oxygen Bag

diving suits

Diving Suits

And many more, such as
Insulating Blanket
Nomex Fire-resistant Padding
Oil & Gas Breathable Workwear

thermal protective clothing

Thermal Protective Clothing

Protective Hoods and Aprons
Survival Suits
Utility Breathable Workwear

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