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High Performance Automotive Coated Fabrics for The Road Ahead

Trelleborg aims to improve vehicle performance and enhance driving experience for customers with coated fabrics that dampen vibration and resist cracks, leaks, and bursts. Our constant desire to innovate is what drives us to continuously meet the needs of major automotive manufacturers with our customized polymer-coated material solutions.

Coated Fabrics that Help Make Next Generation Electric Cars a Reality

ECF ElectricCars
The quest for an electric car that will be adopted in volume has intensified as manufacturers seek to lower CO2 emissions and retain vehicle access in some of the world’s most-populous cities.
Engineered Coated Fabrics continuously works to remain at the forefront of innovation. 
Do you have an e-mobility project that could benefit from coated fabric technology, such as drive belts, firewall FR protection, thermal barrier for battery compartment, or electrical insulation / protection?

Custom Automotive Material Applications




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Drive Belt

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