Intek® MTI-1046 Fiber Hull Board

Intek® MTI-1046 Fiber Hull board Insulation

Intek® MTI-1046 fiber hull board insulation is an incombustible, lightweight, semi-rigid board insulation made from felted glass fibers in a nominal density of 2.9 pcf (46.5 kg/m3).  It has low organic content and was the first incombustible type hull board to be developed for use in the marine industry.  Intek® MTI-1046 provides additional cabin noise control, temperature control and fire resistance. The insulation has a smooth surface, it can be used in combination with waffle board and perforated glass cloth for fabricating Acoustic Absorptive Board.

• Fully approved for in-service MOD (UK) Ships
• DEF STAN 711 and DEF STAN 713 Certified
• U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Approval No. 164.109/46/0
• Complies with US Navy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    product standards MIL- 742F, Type II
• ASTM C 1139, Type I & II, Grade 6

*Intek® MTI-1046 may meet additional specifications that are not listed here. Please contact us to determine if it meets your specification, or other requirements.

High thermal performance 

Highly effective in reducing heat transfer. 

Lower fuel contribution 

Compared to standard hull board. 

Specification compliance  

Complies with all current standards.

Fast installation 

The standard sizes available help save cutting and trimming time and reduce waste. 

Key Applications

Intek® MTI-1046 fiber hull board insulation is designed specifically to provide thermal and acoustical insulating control for the hull and deck heads. Typical applications include: 

Commercial vessels

Drilling rig platforms

Defense vessels


Intek Thermal Acoustic-Insulation Range

Intek® Thermal & Acoustic Range

Intek-MTI 1046 Marine Fibre

Intek® MTI-1046 Insulation

Intek MTI-1046 Marine Fiber Board Insulation Safety Datasheet MSDS

Intek® MTI-1046 Insulation

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