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Confor® Cushioning and Impact Absorbing Safety Foam 

Confor® foams offer a unique combination of properties that are ideal for high energy-absorption applications, enabling them to absorb and dissipate shock and impact. They are also used in comfort management and protective padding applications.

It is an open-celled urethane foam, which is breathable, non-irritating to dermal contact, and helps dissipate moisture and perspiration from the body, making it ideal for medical and body contact cushioning applications. Confor® is available in two grades:  Confor®M – for most high-performance foam applications / Confor® AC – primarily for the aerospace industry.

Exceptional damping properties 

Damping properties, engineered into Confor®formulations, contribute to the material's uncompromising protection capabilities.  

Comfort and protection management

Confor®foams enable designers to achieve comfort goals with less cushioning material, reducing the design profile and project costs. 

Designed to absorb and dissipate shock and impact

Confor®foam is designed to absorb and dissipate shock energy internally, without hitting bottom, recoiling and amplifying the impact.   


  Available in different grades and dimensions depending on your application requirements.  Easy to install. 

Key Applications

Confor®foam is available in various grades which provide different performance properties, such as speed of rebound and stiffness, to meet specific design parameters.  It provides solutions for many industries and applications, including: 

Aerospace – bulk protection and cruise seats

Body armor – impact resistance and shock control 

Child or baby car seats 

Gliders or light aircraft – seat cushions

Medical – hospital bedding and wheelchair cushions

Motorsport – headrest and cockpit

Packaging – protect high value devices

Sports equipment – helmets, body protection and footwear

Confor Cushioning and Impact Absorbing Safety Foam


Confor Cushioning and Impact Absorbing Safety Foam - Technical Paper

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