Kor-N-Seal® I 106-406 Series - Trelleborg
Kor-N-Seal® I 106-406 Series
The most widely used flexible connector in sanitary sewer applications throughout the world
Kor-N-Seal® II 206 Series - Trelleborg
Kor-N-Seal® II 206 Series
Designed for pipe sizes 18" and larger
Kor N-Seal II 306 Series - Trelleborg
Kor-N-Seal® II 306
Ideal for both sanitary and stormwater
Kor-N-Seal® II 506 - Trelleborg
Kor-N-Seal® II 506
Designed for stormwater connections
Kor N-Seal I 706 Series - Trelleborg
Kor-N-Seal® I 706
Ideal solution for casting flexible connections
Designed for pipe OD Ranges of 1.5”- 6.9
Corrugated Pipe Adapter - Trelleborg
Corrugated pipe adapter
Adapts corrugated pipe for Kor-N-Seal
Waterstop Grouting Ring - Trelleborg
Waterstop Grouting Ring

Resilient rubber and stainless-steel bands, combined with mortar creates a highly effective seal 

Trelleborg 910 Triple Lip
Trelleborg 910 Triple Lip

Flexible connector for pipes to manholes and laterals to pipelines

Trelleborg 911 Multi Connector
Trelleborg 911 Multi Connector
Flexible connector for pipes to manholes and for passing pipes through concrete walls and structures
Trelleborg 945 Five Lip
Trelleborg 945 Five Lip
Flexible connector  for laterals to pipelines and large double walled plastic manholes
Trelleborg 570 - Flexible connector
Trelleborg 570 Connector
Flexible connector for pipes to thin walled tanks and pipes.