Sealing profiles for recreational vehicles and trailers

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Door seals

A major challenge regarding a door seal is to ensure that it remains in place between the vehicle's body and the door through all conditions.

A vehicle in action is constantly generating pressure, which makes it vital to choose quality that can withstand different circumstances.

Window seals

We seal and protect windows serving most major automotive brands in North America and Europe.

Our automotive expertise and knowledge ensures essential functionality and high quality protection.

Roof hatch seal

By offering high-quality engineering customized design, we are able to adapt roof hatch seals to your exact specifications.

Our in-depth knowledge on everything from materials to processes and development to applications means that our customers can protect what matters most.


By bringing together customization and excellent technology, our bumpers are developed to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Our commitment to providing customized design allows us to bring maximum passenger comfort.

Tank straps

We offer a variety of innovative solutions for tank straps. Our dampening products isolate vibration and noise during vehicle operation.

Our field-proven polymers and design expertise can provide you with the best damping solutions.

A variety of innovative solutions 

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Recreational vehicles

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Molded Products
Molded products & services
Did you know?

400 is the number of compounds in our in-house material portfolio.
This range of material secures our ability to provide you with the best possible solutions for you application needs.

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Ota Vasak

Sales Manager Automotive EMEA
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