Scoprite il mondo delle soluzioni di tenuta nella nuova rivista In the Groove

È ora disponibile la nuova edizione di in the groove, la rivista di Trelleborg Sealing Solutions rivolta agli ingegneri.

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This issue includes: 

  • Riding High - Doppelmayr ensures you reach the summit smoothly.
  • Accelerate Your Business Now - Events on the changing demands of industry with a sustainability focus.
  • Hydrogen – an Essential Element -Transitioning to a net zero world.
  • Keep on Turning - Keeping up with the fastest-growing form of renewable energy.
  • Lost In Transformation - Jule Bosch talks to in the groove about understanding the future and change. engineers.
  • Simply Stated - Forsheda® V-Ring protects rotary applications with a deceptively simple design.
  • Once Upon a Time - The history of rubber laid the foundations for our modern life.
  • Chips With Everything - Meeting the demands for smaller, faster and higher-performing devices.
  • Reducing Dangerous Leaks - Simplified designs reduce leaks of hazardous materials on railroads.
  • A Small Focus - Changing the C-Part mindset when it comes to seals.
  • Can you Dig it? - Nexus Face Seal resists mud compression in the most contaminated environments.
  • In Your Own Language - Find out how Lisa Peng supports her customers with a global but local focus.
  • Driving on Hydrogen Join Axel and Matthias on a journey in a hydrogen-powered car.
  • Feeling SECURE - The Tran-SECURE™ Fluid Sealing Management Program provides immediate access to critical components.


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