Drive System

The power train or drive system in construction vehicles consists of an engine and a network of components that deliver power to the tracks or wheels. Engines and drive components can have a variety of configurations and sealing solutions, which are designed to meet the unique requirements of each application and equipment. Seals prevent contamination, protect components and keep lubricants inside the system.

In construction equipment, drive components perform a vital function, transferring power from the engine to the final drive, which supplies torque to the equipment’s tracks or wheels. The drive system consists of an engine and a network of components. Engines can have a variety of configurations and sealing solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of each application.

Heavy-duty rotary seals keep oil and grease within the system, while high-performance static seals and custom-molded keep the excavator operating efficiently. These prevent contamination from mud, dirt and water, protecting components from abrasion and keeping lubricants inside the system.

Cylinders & Actuators

Cylinders and actuators play crucial roles in excavator and other construction equipment operation. They allow equipment to lift and move heavy loads and seals enable maximum performance and smooth operation.

Within hydraulic and pneumatic systems, cylinders and actuators play a critical part in excavator operations, and for these to function effectively, seals within the systems must help achieve maximum performance over a long operating cycle without leakage.

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Valves & Pump

Pumps and valves are a vital components in hydraulic systems and they come in a range of different sizes, depending on the demands of the equipment. Pumps generate flow of hydraulic fluids, while pumps direct and control the flow. Seals prevent leakage of fluids under harsh conditions and high pressures.

In hydraulic systems, valves direct and control flow generated by pumps. The resulting force operates the hydraulic components within the excavator itself, as well as any cylinders on attachments.

To maximize efficiency for the operator, valves and pumps must run precisely to exclude external media and extend time between planned maintenance.

Implements & Attachments

Implements and attachments on construction equipment enable them to perform a wide range of functions, from earthmoving to compacting material and demolishing structures. Seals play a vital role in keeping contamination out of the system, while preventing leakage of fluids into the environment.

The implements and attachments on excavators enable them to perform a wide range of functions, from digging and earthmoving to breaking rocks, compacting ground material and demolishing buildings.

Given the proximity these attachments can have to the ground, static and dynamic seals are vital in keeping dirt and contamination out of the system. Linear and rotary seals allow for the smooth and quiet operation of the hydraulic equipment while preventing leakage into the environment.

Tracks & Tires

Tracks and tires keep construction equipment moving around building sites and to get the equipment where it needs to be.

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Drive System

Cylinders & Actuators

Valves & Pumps

Implements & Attachments

Tracks & Tires