Trelleborg’s strategy for leading positions

Illustration of Trelleborgs four corner stones

How to deliver on the strategy

New Geographies
 In Morocco the foundation was laid for a new automotive boots production facility in 2020. The industrial footprint in China was expanded for marine products and equally, Trelleborg commenced production of pipe seals in India and automotive parts in Mexico.
Increased Capacity
 In 2020, an expanded US healthcare & medical manufacturing facility was inaugurated. The enlarged facility includes a new ISO Class 7 cleanroom and increased silicone molding capacity.
New Technology
SafePilot CAT PRO, the most recent software solution within marine solutions, was launched 2022. It utilizes Real-time Kinematic corrections to deliver Global Navigation Satellite Systems positional awareness for pilots and ports. 

General global trends that impact the Trelleborg Group

Geoeconomic and political changes
Growth in Asia demonstrates a shift of power toward the east.

Traditional western power structures are changing.

Economic growth at risk of being curtailed by political and social challenges.
Resource efficiency for sustainability

Population growth and economic growth in certain geographies is making demands on a more efficient yet sustainable society. 

Negative climate changes and scarce natural resources are major challenges for all stakeholders.

Calls for a greater share of renewable energy and lower emission levels stimulates demand for products and processes that result in increased sustainability and a higher degree of circularity.

Interconnected markets and urbanization

Urbanization entails growing demands for more efficient cities and also a sustainable countryside that can produce more for more people. 


Globalization is moving markets and people closer together, giving rise to increased global trade and transportation as well as financial flows.

Accelerated technological development

New technological and cost-effective solutions are being developed at a very high pace.

Resources are being used to find values in big data for increased digitalization of goods and services.