Inner tube
chemical resistant FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene), smooth, white,
synthetic textile with embedded steel helix,
chemical and weather resistant EPDM, fabric impression, black,
Temperature range
-40 to +150
Electrical properties
built-in conductive wire, R≤10^2Ω/lg and conductive cover.
EN 12115.
Couplings Fittings
Specially designed fittings are available, please contact us for further information in order to get optimum connections.
Technical Specifications
ID (mm) Wall thickness (mm) OD (mm) Working Pressure (bar) Bursting pressure (bar) Max. vacuum (bar) Bending radius (mm) Weight (kg/m) Length (m) Article number Stock or min. order (m)
¤ Upon availability.
* Tolerance on length: ± 1 % (ISO 1307 Standard)
Pressure Table

Product Sheet

Handling guideline

Storage Guideline

Food Contact Certificate

Chemical Industry Brochure

Chemikler range
We are proud to introduce our rubber solutions for liquid chemicals. Whether for transfer in process or loading/unloading of truck, ships or trains, our solutions are designed to meet all your specific requirements and comply with relevant standard for maximum safety. Our range also covers composite hoses, convoluted stainless steel or PTFE assemblies.
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