Nicholas Georges

Nicholas Georges, Quality Manager, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, Nantes, France

I joined Trelleborg in March 2013. In September the same year, I was given the opportunity to become Quality Coordinator in my Business Unit.

This position allows me to frequently travel to our different plants in the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the US, with the great benefit of letting me enlarge my knowledge about other cultures.

I want to make a positive difference for our customers and other stakeholders. Working for a premium focused company, I try to act accordingly and thus I want to offer premium service and assistance.

By considering that there are no silly ideas, and always to think out of the box, I want to be innovative and find new and even better ways of working. My best learnings since I joined Trelleborg include:

  • Diversity is a blessing  
  • Every individual employee paves his or her own way forward to success.
  • Trelleborg is indeed one big family.