Trelleborg Supports the Future of Transportation at Farnborough International Airshow

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will exhibit advanced polymer solutions for aerospace and urban air mobility applications at Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough, England on stand number 41145 and chalet C117, from July 18 to 22, 2022.

Green Transportation

Recognizing the increasing demand for solutions that support the move to green transportation, Trelleborg experts will demonstrate a wide range of technologies for both aerospace and urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles, which facilitate this.

Torben Andersen, Director Aerospace Segment at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has decades of knowledge and experience in sealing in aerospace, automotive and industrial industries globally, and we are a leader in eMobility applications. We are already using our experience, expertise, and position in aerospace and other industries to support the development of innovative solutions for green transportation. 

“We can supply a solution for virtually all sealing challenges. Our portfolio of products and materials is optimized to work in severe weather and extreme temperatures, provides outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals such as de-icing fluids, and can be fitted to any type of aircraft or UAM vehicle.”

Specialist Sealing Technology 

During the five-day event, attendees can learn about Trelleborg’s specialist sealing technologies for cabins and interiors, airframes and structures, energy management systems, propulsion, controls, and actuation, with technical experts on hand to discuss individual application requirements. 

Trelleborg manufactures a range of components for functional and aesthetic interior aerospace applications such as storage bins, light fittings, and air conditioning nozzles and bezels. Materials are approved to all international smoke and toxicity standards and available in a range of standard and custom profiles. FDA-approved O-Rings are suitable for applications where seals will come into contact with food or drinking water. Advanced extrusion technology is utilized for seat tracks, rub strips and gap seals, with materials color-matched to cabin interiors. 

Trelleborg’s airframe seals are typically used for aerodynamic sealing of doors, windows, canopies, hatches, and panels. Seals are reinforced to provide the load, deformation and wear properties required for variable working conditions in both static or semi-static applications. They offer low friction, good abrasion resistance characteristics, high flexibility, and long life, and can be combined with composite or metal structures to limit part count and ease installation.

UAM Vehicle solutions

To support the reliable function of high-performance electrical systems in UAM vehicles, Trelleborg has engineered solutions that provide an electromagnetic shield, spark resistance and protection from multiple environmental factors. In addition, custom sealing solutions for high-voltage batteries allow for inexpensive, fully automated assembly and simplified disassembly if the battery requires maintenance. Trelleborg’s thermal management seals prevent bleed air from escaping the ducts used in numerous applications, such as bleed valves, anti-icing systems, and air conditioning systems.

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