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Geavanceerde composieten
Aircraft Seals and Aerospace Seals by Trelleborg
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Electronische Catalogus
Engineered molded parts
Engineered Molded Parts
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Flat Gaskets
Healthcare & Medical Solutions
Piston Step Seal 2K
Hydraulische zuigerafdichtingen
Hydraulische stangafdichtingen van Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Hydraulische stangafdichtingen
Metal Scraper
Hydraulische afstrijkers / schrapers
Hydraulische afdichtingen van Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Hydraulische afdichtingen
Wear Rings
Hydraulische lagerringen
Liquid Silicone Rubber
Liquid Silicone Rubber
Marine Bearings
Mechanical Face Seal
Mechanische afdichtingen
Oil Seals, radial oil seals, radial shaft seals, rotary shaft lip seals
Oil Seals
Pneumatic Rod Seals & Pneumatic Piston Seals
Pneumatische afdichtinge
Lagers en lagerbussen
Materialen Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Rubore® Shims
Roterende afdichtingen, asafdichtingen, radiale oliekeerringen van Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Afdichtingen voor rotatie / asafdichtingen
Rubore Cap Seal
Rubore® afdichtingen
Sealing Profiles
Semiconductor PureFab™ FFKM
Medical and food grade silicone tubing and hose that meet U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI standards
Silicone Tubing & Hose
Statische afdichtingen van Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Statische afdichtingen
Surface finishing
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