XploR™ S-Seal XploR™ FS-Seal
Orkot® C620
Multicomponent Technology
Engineered one-piece solutions for integrated integrity
Rapid Development Center
 FoodPro E75F1 - elastomer sealing material for food and beverage processing applications
FoodPro® E75F1
Isolast PureFab FFKM for semiconductor sealing applications
Isolast Purefab FFKM
Turcon® VL Seal® II
Turcon® MC1 & MC2
New electrically conductive PTFE materials

Reduce friction with nanoscale treatments

HiSpin® voor eMobility
HiSpin® voor lucht- en ruimtevaart
Cognitieve afdichting
Turcon® Roto L
Turcon® M12
Engineered gegoten onderdelen
Aangepaste verpakking
Cassette-afdichting CSL 1500
Guinness Wereld Record