Sophisticated system to retain and recycle water

Trelleborg - Case Study -Sophisticated system to retain and recycle water


The construction of the new religious and cultural center Djamaa El Djazair in Algiers was a project of national and international importance. Completed in December 2017, it features the world’s third-largest mosque and its 265-meter minaret is the world’s tallest.

The mosque accommodates up to 120,000 worshippers, includes a one-million book library and a Koranic school. Right next door, there is a shopping mall with a cinema, a cultural and convention center.

Together, the religious and cultural center cover an area of 20 hectares, between airport and city center, facing the bay of Algiers. Water, the symbol of life and emblem of purity and mercy, inspired a 4.5-meter wall of flowing water. Traditional gardens grace the open areas, at the same time raising a concern. How can the center provide enough sweet water to keep them in bloom, knowing Algiers itself faces draught issues?

 Our activities

Trelleborg and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) worked in partnership to design and construct a sophisticated system to retain water. By recycling this water, the center is able to supply the water wall and gardens with sweet water.

Trelleborg supplied the seals, which were essential to simplify the construction and ensure reliable watertight connections.

 Product details

The Trelleborg 945 Five Lip Connectoris a flexible connection system for laterals to pipelines and large double walled plastic manholes.

It can be used with both prefabricated and core drilled holes and for connecting PVC pipes into corrugated pipes.

The multiple lip design allows ease of jointing and provides excellent resistance to transvers shear load whilst allowing a high level of angular deflection in the joint.

The extra wide profile can cover exposed steel reinforcement in core drilled holes protecting it from corrosion.