Forsheda® V-Ring
Isolast PureFab FFKM for Semiconductor Sealing Applications
Isolast Purefab FFKM

Maximize system uptime of advanced semiconductor processes

 Gaskets and manway lid gaskets for Chemical Transportation
Chemical Transportation Gaskets
Trelleborg D-Seal, Combined sealing and damping for critical truck engine
Combined sealing and damping for critical truck engine & transmission applications
HMF FlatSeal|Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
HMF FlatSeal™
FoodPro® EPDMs
HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearings
Engineered Polymer Solutions
XploR™ S-Seal & XploR™ FS-Seal

Discover high integrity sealing under extreme pressure

Orkot® C620
Orkot® C620
Multicomponent Technology
Multicomponent Technology
Engineered one-piece solutions for integrated integrity
Engineered FFKM Seals and high-performance perfluoroelastomers
Advanced Isolast® Capabilities
Cast_Latest Innovations
iCast™ LSR
Isolast® K-Fab™ Flange Seal
Isolast® K-Fab™ flange seal
Rapid Development Center
Rapid Development Center
Partnering to bring products to market faster
Lubrication Management
Lubrication management

Maximize the lifetime of hydraulic systems

Counter Surfaces

Optimize dynamic chrome plated applications

Turcon® VL Seal® II
Turcon® MC1 & MC2
Turcon® MC1 & MC2
New electrically conductive PTFE materials