Protection on the doorstep

Our sustainability initiatives do not just center on our manufacturing and solutions, they also include a focus on the environments around our facilities.

Our people have come up with some great ideas of how to lower the impact of Trelleborg on their doorstep.

  • In France, our colleagues at Maisons-Laffitte installed beehives on the green roof of their facility for a positive local impact on biodiversity. 
  • In Malta, an indigenous tree nursery increases green infrastructure and supports the natural environment surrounding the site. 
    “Protecting our trees, especially the indigenous ones, is vitally important to protect our beautiful country and the world,” explains Luke Azzopardi, Product Manager.
  • In Italy, to produce zero waste, our colleagues harvest the olives grown around the Tivoli site every year between October and November and craft their own extra virgin olive oil, which employees and guests visiting the facility enjoy.
  • Around our Spanish facility in Izarra, we stopped using a motor mower to keep the ground clear. Instead, animals owned by local people, such as horses, are in charge of the task.

All these initiatives contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, 13 Climate Action and 15 Life on Land.