Football is for everyone

Kids playing fotball
Through its collaboration with ‘Fourth Wave Foundation,’ Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in India inspires teens and young adults to experience diversity and inclusion and learn about perseverance and fairness through the power and unity of football.

Trelleborg supports local communities by participating in various social activities, and by giving dedicated support to young people, through learning, development, and sports activities.

As part of Trelleborg’s many different social engagement initiatives, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in India has partnered with the ‘Fourth Wave Foundation’ in supporting its annual Venda Cup football tournament, which took place in March 2022. In 123 matches played over 10 days involving 660 young players, inclusion and diversity and fair play is in focus, welcoming children who want to play, irrespective of expertise or talent.

The tournament’s purpose is to encourage a healthy lifestyle as an antidote to drug abuse among teenagers and young adults. In the tournament, young adults from high-risk areas participate and enjoy football on a real football field, dressed in full football kit.

The project has shown that sports, especially football, can help and inspire teenagers and young adults to build aspirations and hope. The sport breeds a culture of fairness and effort, and encourages young people to make the right choices in life and to build a better life for themselves. It also nurtures fairness and perseverance to achieve success in life. Football is truly for everyone.