New Interactive Virtual Sealing Showroom

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches a virtual showroom environment to provide customers with insight into its sealing technology. 

The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Virtual Showroom is a web-based tool, which showcases our innovations in sealing technology, giving visitors an up-close look at selected products, materials, services and capabilities.


In the showroom visitors can:


  • Explore galleries
    Visitors can browse galleries on selected industries (eMobility, Aerospace, Fluid Power, Off-Highway, Food and Beverage and Semiconductor), Research & Development, Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities and ServicePLUS. 
  • Interact with exhibits
    Utilizing 3D animations, visitors can experience technology though interactive exhibits to gain a full understanding of our products, materials and capabilities. 
  • Access more in-depth information
    Included in each gallery and exhibit are links to relevant media and literature giving visitors the ability to access additional information at the click of their mouse.

>> Visit the Virtual Showroom

A new resource for customers

Jürgen Bosch, BU President Global Aerospace & Marketing Europe, at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to experience our offering and do business with us, in a way that works for them. The virtual showroom is a great way to do this! People can learn more about how our solutions and capabilities can support them and the sealing challenges they face. For example, within the advanced manufacturing capabilities section, users can easily see how multicomponent technology simplifies assembly to eliminate the risk of incorrect seal positioning.”

Showroom features

Available on the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website, the Virtual Showroom offers quick and easy access to product information including downloadable brochures, images, videos, and whitepapers. Users can view solutions for specific industries to learn about their features, benefits, and unique challenges they overcome. The Virtual Showroom includes an easy-to-use navigation menu and the ability to share a link to specific information with colleagues outside of the tool. 

Trelleborg’s Virtual Showroom will benefit from ongoing enhancements and regular updates including new products and materials, as well as additional industries and related information. Currently available in English, the tool will also be available in German and other languages during 2022. 

>> Visit the Virtual Showroom

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