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FrictionControl - Trelleborg


Perfect sealing and sliding properties with the new FrictionControl:

  • more design freedom
  • improved sealing and sliding properties
  • withstand high pressure and wide range of temperatures

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ModulaEase - Trelleborg


The "three-in-one" solution provides:

  • sound insulation
  • fire resistance
  • compensates for unevenness along the entire length of a wall

Discover the new sealing solution for the timber construction sector

HybridAccelerator - building with balcony


This multifunctional solution allows you:

  • to create more complex shapes
  • custom colours
  • offers easier and safer groove fitting, including self-adhesive options

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Solutions to accelerate your performance

Trelleborg delivers customized and standard sealing innovations to a wide range of industries in the buildings and construction market around the world. The collective experience of our global team is available to help you find the exact solution you need, trust Trelleborg to meet it.

Trelleborg sealing & damping solutions for residential buildings

Our seals for doors, windows and various construction elements in a house are the result of an excellent application expertise. We know how to seal, damp and protect in all climate zones, adapting the solutions for automated production and add a feature that will guide the installer on site.    

Gaskets for buildings

Trelleborg extruded profiles for doors and windows 2 5 1 4 3


Our seals will meet all your challenging needs. Energy classification, closing resistance, fire resistance, and slim design.

Floor and Roof

Construction seals to pick up movements, dampen sound, block humidity or seperate materials between floors or in the roof construction.

Garage door

We design seals for all types of garage doors e.g. sectional, sliding, folding or rollers.


Seals for inner and outer parts of the construction. Air and water tightness, sound damping and as barrier between materials.


Our application expertize in window seals covers all frame types, all weather conditions and all production processes.

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