Nova and Vega – The pinnacle of lifting bag innovation

Vega lifting bag

In a groundbreaking collaboration with rescue services, Trelleborg has introduced a new era of high-pressure lifting bags, setting a remarkable benchmark in design and usability. Developed in response to the evolving needs of rescue scenarios, the Nova and Vega lifting bags stand as the highest-pressure solutions on the market today.

Lifting bags, those unassuming yet powerful devices, have become indispensable tools for firefighters globally. These lightweight and portable devices are strategically designed to navigate tight spaces and, through the application of air pressure, undertake tasks ranging from lifting, spreading, and pushing to fixing obstacles. In critical situations such as rescues, where every second is crucial, these bags can be the decisive factor between life and tragedy.

Anže Vidic, Research and Development Manager at Trelleborg's Kranj facility in Slovenia, the hub of Trelleborg's lifting bag development and manufacturing, underscores the significance of reliability and power in aiding first responders to be faster and more efficient in rescue scenarios.

"The lifting bag has become a vital tool for firefighters worldwide," Vidic notes. "Reliability and power are key to first responders being faster and more efficient in any rescue scenario."

Anze Vidic holding two lifting bagsThe focal point of Trelleborg's innovation lies in the development of the most potent lifting bags to date – Nova and Vega. What sets them apart is their ability to match the size of a standard 8-bar lifting bag while surpassing it in pressure capability.

Vidic delves into the mechanics behind this revolutionary leap, explaining, "The higher the operating pressure of the lifting bag, the more the lifting capacity. For the Nova and Vega, that’s up to 100 tonnes. This contributes to significantly shortened rescue times and a greatly increased chance of survival for an injured person."

In the realm of emergency response, where precision and swiftness can be the difference between a successful rescue and a tragic outcome, Nova and Vega emerge as beacons of hope. Their introduction marks not only a technological advancement but also a commitment to saving lives and making a profound impact in the world of firefighting and rescue operations.

As Trelleborg continues to collaborate with its customers, this groundbreaking development reflects a shared dedication to progress and innovation in the quest for safer, more efficient rescue operations globally. Nova and Vega are not just lifting bags; they are a testament to the power of collaboration, technology, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

"Reliability and power are key to first responders being faster and
more efficient in any rescue scenario".
Research and Development Manager

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