Standardized Buoyancy Module

Standardized Buoyancy Modules

Distrubuted Buoyancy Modules (DBMs) are typically used between a subsea structure and a surface vessel or platform to hold pipelines in a specific geometric configuration to prevent over utilization of the system. The two main functions of DBMs are to provide uplift and maintain location along the riser, to hold the project specific riser configuration.

With this in mind, Trelleborg developed a new modular design for its DBM called Standardized Buoyancy Modules. The modular design allows smaller elements to be stacked together, enabling the customer to customize uplift requirements as specified as needed for each project. The modular buoyancy segments are designed to mechanically lock around the clamp, securely attaching the assembly to the desired location on the riser.

The new design also incorporates synthetic feet to the bottom of the finished assembly to prevent handling damage and reduce vessel installation time.

Custom buoyancy to customer specification

Decreased top tension loads

Ease of handling

Maintains riser configuration

Reduced lead times

Installation time

Key Applications

To meet our customers' needs our cutting-edge solution can be used for the below applications.


Flexible risers




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Standardized Buoyancy Module, Subsea Buoyancy, Trelleborg Offshore

Standardized Buoyancy Module

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