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Trelleborg manufactures a range of high performance, low density syntactic foams for deep sea buoyancy applications called Eccofloat®. These composite foams provide ultra-low densities by selecting only the highest specification hollow glass microspheres and combining them within a rigid, high strength resin system. The syntactic foam is typically cast into standard blocks.

Oceanographers also depend on syntactic foams to suspend instrumentation in deep ocean studies. For these applications, the syntactic foam is used in either block form or custom molded shapes for installation in manned and unmanned submersibles such as the legendary Alvin and Jason vehicles that were used to discover and explore the Titanic.

Block form or custom molded shapes available

Various grades

Used to prepare large buoyancy modules

Key Applications

Trelleborg produces various grades of syntactic foam to meet a broad range or requirements


Remotely operated vehicles (ROV)


Trim adjustment modules for submarines

Acoustic windows

Unmanned and manned vehicles

Sonar domes

Eccofloat® DS

Eccofloat® DS range of syntactic foams, combine lightweight glass Microballoons with multi-functional epoxy resin to produce ultra-high strength-to-weight materials for high-performance, deep sea applications including unmanned and manned submersibles.

Eccofloat® EL

Eccofloat® EL range of epoxy syntactic foams have been the materials of choice for manufacturing manned and unmanned submersibles for years with their range of densities and ability to withstand exposure to diesel fuels and hydraulic fluids.

Eccofloat® TG

Eccofloat® TG range of syntactic foams are lightweight for building manned and remote operating vehicles. The foams have zero magnetic and sea water comparable acoustic signatures making them ideally suited to applications which include mine neutralization systems, Sonar Domes and Acoustic Windows.

Eccofloat® DG

Eccofloat® DG range of syntactic foams have been developed for less density critical applications. Eccofloat® DG has excellent mechanical properties for structural applications. 

Eccofloat® Syntactic Foam Typical Properties

Imperial Range

US only materials


Service Depth 




Service Pressure 


Imperial Block Size 







TG26 9,843 26 4,444 6x12x24
TG28 11,811 28 5,846 6x12x24
TG30 16,430 30 7,307 6x12x24
TG32 19,716 32 8,768 6x12x24
TG34  22,900 34 10,164 6x12x24
TG39  38,000 39 16,872 6x12x24
EL30 6,750 30 3,000 6x12x24
EL34 20,000 34 9,000 6x12x24
EL36 24,000 36 11,000 6x12x24
DS35 26,700 35 11,888 4x12x18
DS39 38,000 39 16,872 4x12x18

Metric Range

Rest of the world (not available in the US)

Eccofloat®  Max Op Depth 
Max Op Pressure 
Upthrust per ltr, based on 
seawater density of 1,025 kg/m³






TG3000 3,000 416 300 0.61
TG4000 4,000 448 400 0.58
TG5000 5,000 590 500 0.54
TG6000 6,000 512 600 0.51
TG7000 7,000 544 700 0.48
TG11500 11,500 660 1150 0.37
DG1000 1,000 390 100 0.64
DG2000 2,000 435 200 0.59
DG3000 3,000 490 300 0.54
DG5000  5,000 540 500 0.49
 Metric Block Size 750 x 500 x 150 (mm) 

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