Odin EBR (Eccentric Bumper Ring)

Odin EBR (Eccentric Bumper Ring)

Eccentric Bumper Rings (EBRs) are precisely designed rings of rubber which are mounted on top of a shock cell. They act as the medium between a shock cell and a barge bumper or fender post.

The eccentric retaining ring is used to enhance the energy absorption capacity of the Trelleborg berthing system.

If the vessel using the berthing system is berthing and in contact with the retaining pile or the barge enclosure, the sturdy rubber structure of the eccentric retaining ring prevents direct contact between the shock absorbing unit and the retaining pile, thereby Protect its integrity and functionality. 

The eccentric retaining ring also absorbs the kinetic energy transmitted to the retaining pile, allowing the overall design of the berthing system to be further refined to protect the infrastructure and berth the vessel.

Provides additional energy absorption performance

Protects substructures and berthing vessels

Key Applications

Offshore Platform Jacket structure