Njord MA (Midwater Arches)

Njord MA (Midwater Arches)

Njord MA (Midwater Arches) support pipelines and control systems as they rise from the seabed to the surface. In floating production scenarios, dynamic risers, cables and umbilicals are often required to be held subsea in a geometric configuration known as a wave from vessel or platform to the riser base. For particular applications, a Subsea Arch System is required to provide buoyant up thrust to the risers to maintain the wave configuration. 

Challenging configurations

Subsea Arches are used where a compact field layout with a steeper curve is required.

High performance

Subsea Arches enable several risers to be held together while avoiding clashing and providing adequate spacing between the riser.

Bespoke designs

Subsea Arches may be used instead of or in addition to distributed buoyancy modules.

Key Applications

Dynamic Risers




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Building a Subsea Arch