Trelleborg Introduces Innovative Renewables Cable Protection System

Trelleborg Introduces Innovative Renewables Cable Protection System
Trelleborg’s offshore operation recently launched its innovative protection system, NjordGuard™, for the renewables market. The system is designed to protect offshore windfarm power cables in both monopile and J-tube applications.

John Deasey, Renewables Sales Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in the UK states, “The way the industry thinks about energy and renewables has transformed and it is no longer just a concept but a reality. As the industry continues to move further offshore, we can short cut the development time needed for new concepts by transferring our oil & gas industry knowledge and expertise to renewable energy. As such, we are excited to introduce our new cable protection system, NjordGuard™, specifically designed for the renewables market.

“The innovative protection system can be installed, removed and reused without the use of remotely operated vehicles or diver intervention, improving safety and reducing installation complexity. The cutting edge solution also permits both a monopile and J-tube installation for wind turbine generators and offshore substation platforms without procedural variation.”

NjordGuard™ is an innovative protection system designed and developed to protect offshore windfarm power cables. Manufactured from API 17L certified Uraduct® material for both internal and external components, the integrated system boasts class leading impact and abrasion resistance. NjordGuard™ is designed with a smooth outer surface which reduces drag and snagging risks. The system requires minimal assembly, is easily extendable and can be manufactured to meet any diameter cable. 

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