Never Settle a Kaizen Mentality

april 2018
Spring is almost here and for me that can only mean one thing. Triathlon season is coming up quick! I have been racing in triathlon from Sprint to Half-Ironman distances for a few years and I love the challenge that the sport presents: the juggling of swimming, cycling, and running, the dedication that’s required in day-to-day training, and the commitment to continuous improvement. With a multi-faceted sport like triathlon, I feel that it is particularly important to ‘never settle’ for average and always train to be your best.

The Japanese refer to this ‘never settle’ attitude as Kaizen, roughly translated: “simply better”. Kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve people, processes and programs. I believe that Kaizen can be applied to one’s personal life, relationships, even to a corporation as a whole and is something that needs to be embraced culturally from the bottom of an organization through to the top.

Here at Trelleborg we embrace this Kaizen mentality in our mission to continuously innovate critical applications in demanding environments. We maintain our position as an industry leader in engineered polymer solutions with this attitude. We never settle for average and continuously turn challenges into new opportunities. 

Dillon Hudson

Product Development Engineer