Trelleborg’s New Sustainability Focus is on Protecting the Essential

Trelleborg Group launches a new sustainability platform ‘Protecting the Essential,’ which will be the foundation of a sustainability strategy that has a commitment to three focus areas of operations, compliance, and social engagement.

Peter Nilsson, President and CEO of Trelleborg, says: “Protecting the Essential is not merely words, but a force of intent and investment in time, expertise and action, to make real impact in the sustainability of our manufacturing strategy and value chain responsibility.


“Doing just enough is no longer sufficient for customers and society. It’s time for a greater and more ambitious leap to further align our sustainability efforts with manufacturing best practices so we become future fit. We’re taking an outside-in approach, guided by relevant UN Sustainability Development Goals and incorporating circularity measures, for example, increasing use of renewable or recycled raw materials.”


Each Trelleborg business area is responsible for its own sustainability agenda within the given group framework, and after identifying specific opportunities and priorities for 2021, they will decide and initiate action plans with regular reviews.


Nilsson, continues: “Typical examples for the near future are drawing up roadmaps to reach our CO2 targets, further development of health and safety procedures, performing human rights due diligence, concluding focus areas for social engagement, and supporting our shared task forces. These comprise the sustainability reporting team, compliance task force, global chemical task force, polymers for tomorrow and sustainability risk task force.”  


The Protecting the Essential sustainability platform follows on from Trelleborg’s recent announcement of its target of “50 by 25,” entailing that the Group will reduce its CO2 emissions by 50 percent relative to sales by 2025 based on 2020 emissions, and its ambitious vision of net zero emissions by the end of 2035. 


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