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Straight into a curve
Rüdiger Hack, Head of Engineering for Rail Applications with Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, explains how Trelleborg’s axle guiding bush for railroad cars saves energy and money, and also helps stop trains from screeching as they go around bends.
 Sealed for success
Nancy Getz is Product Line Director for Global Operations Engineered Plastics at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in the U.S. She has built a successful career from lab to field, then onto management, and explains how she works with elastomer energized slipper seals. 
Shaping the wheels of the world
Trelleborg’s manufacturing facility in Latvia makes rims used for everything from forklifts and farm equipment to huge harvesting machines for forestry. Site manager Liene Giertmane-Done tells how training and teamwork are the keys to success.

A roof overhead

Illustration of construction of houses
Seal profiles

Structural sealing elements in modular homes are multi-functional. They have outstanding weather resistance, prevent humidity, reduce noise, distribute weight, and separate materials for fire protection.

Hydraulic seals

Inside cylinders and actuators in excavators and other construction equipment that facilitate lifting and moving of heavy loads, are seal configurations to give maximum performance  and smooth operation.

Anti-vibration solutions

Suspension components reduce costs by helping construction equipment to operate for longer without maintenance and to extend vehicle life. They enhance overall performance  and improve operator safety and comfort.

Water infrastructure

Watertight solutions include a wide range of high-quality seals for concrete and plastic pipes, manholes and connectors. These ensure safe and effective delivery of drinking water  and the removal of wastewater. 



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