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T-Time Magazine for Trelleborg's customers and other stakeholders provides insights on solutions in specific applications worldwide.

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Rough on the road

Try spending all day in the wind and rain, blasting, bulldozing and steamrolling to the relentless rumble of passing traffic. Here’s how Trelleborg is making the road construction site a bit more bearable.

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Hoses for pneumatic tools and general purpose compressed air hoses in industrial and other applications.

Antivibration and suspension solutions prolong the life of off-highway vehicles, increase productivity, improve safety and comfort.

Trelleborg high-pressure bags are capable of lifting loads up to 67 tons with compressed air at a pressure of only 8 bar. Typical applications include lifting, moving, spreading and fixing

The hydraulic systems of offhighway machinery require high-performance, long-lasting sealing solutions that are compatible with lubricants, operate at high pressure and in fluctuating temperatures, while minimizing friction.

Trelleborg offers a range of heavy duty, hard working tire and complete wheel solutions for construction vehicles.

Truck liners provide long-lasting wear resistance, working as an energy and noise reduction system. They absorb impact and protect a truck’s structure from corrosion.

Bridge expansion joints absorb movement and ensure the comfort of traveling passengers, while bearings are designed to accommodate movements caused by wind, temperature fluctuations and loads.


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