Trelleborg Receives DNV-GL Certification for Fireproofing Tiles

Trelleborg’s offshore operation has recently been awarded DNV-GL certification for its Vikodeck™ fireproofing tiles. Manufactured using Trelleborg’s next-generation Firestop™ material, the newly certified Vikodeck™ tiles are lighter and thinner than any current passive fire protection materials available to the market and can be tailored to withstand various chemical and mechanical conditions.

Vikodeck™ is designed to offer surface protection against blast, jet and pool fire in harsh demanding environments, while also providing corrosion protection and anti-fatigue dampening support for the comfort and safety of employees. The flexibility of Vikodeck™ allows the tiles to withstand movement as well as impacts that could possible damage or crack a rigid system.

Christian Kolderup, Project Engineer for Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Norway, states: “Trelleborg is committed to supplying high performance, robust and dependable solutions that significantly improve safety to protect personnel, equipment, critical components and structures in demanding environments both onshore and offshore.

“By obtaining DNV-GL certification for the thin and light Vikodeck™ tiles, we intend to identify new applications for the material in markets other than in the oil and gas.”

In addition to the existing fire properties, Vikodeck™ is impact resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads. It dampens vibrations, provides significant sound attenuation, and has good resistance against ozone, UV-light and process liquids. Since the tiles are rubber-based, they are very flexible, water repellant and reduce the effect of an impact, minimizing wear on any protected surface.

Vikodeck™ tiles can be applied to flooring, walls, roofing or any surface needing protection. To meet demanding customer requirements in diverse applications, Vikodeck tiles are now available in four types:

  • Vikodeck™ HF – protects according to certified hydrocarbon fireproofing requirements
  • Vikodeck™ JF – protects and insulates assets in a possible jet fire scenario
  • Vikodeck™ S – protects structures from hang fires
  • Vikodeck™ L – for areas that need sound, impact, weather or tear protection

Firestop™ is a passive fire protection material used to protect personnel and equipment by minimizing fire escalation. This provides time to evacuate people, close down critical equipment and for responders to gain control of a fire. The certified rubber-based material protects structures from exceeding critical temperature limits. The dampening, noise reducing flexible nature of Firestop can also protect equipment from vibration, collision, explosion and even earthquakes. The newly developed next-generation fire-resistant material is thinner and lighter than any current passive fire protection materials available to the market.

Trelleborg is uniquely equipped to develop innovative, custom-designed solutions to provide wide-ranging benefits such as enhanced performance, increased safety, greater ease-of-use and improved comfort.


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