Trelleborg Receives a 185 ton Hyperbaric Pressure Vessel

On 25 September, a milestone was achieved in the large-scale investment in the new test facility at Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Skelmersdale, England, as the first of two 185 ton hyperbaric pressure vessels arrived on site.

Measuring just under 12 meters long and 2.5 meters in diameter, the logistics associated with the delivery and installation were extremely challenging. After arriving at the Port of Liverpool, the vessel was loaded on a specially adapted delivery truck before being transported 13 miles accompanied by an escort from the Highways Agency to its final home at the Trelleborg’s manufacturing facility in Skelmersdale. Due to the size and weight of the vessel, the truck was restricted to going no faster than 10 miles per hour, meaning this relative short journey took 1hour.

John Drury, Managing Director at Trelleborg’s offshore facility in Skelmersdale, states: “We are very excited that the first vessel is on its way. Our new testing facility will provide our customer peace of mind that our solutions meet all their requirements and global standards every time.

“Installation of the bespoke vessel is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018 and will provide us with the ability to simulate deep water conditions and to confirm the reliability of product in subsea environments. It represents the final opportunity for product assurance under hyperbaric conditions before delivery of the finished product for offshore installation.”


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