Distributed Buoyancy Modules Distributed Buoyancy Modules

We are the world's supplier of choice for distributed buoyancy modules for dynamic risers. For more information please click on the image.

Trelleborg Offshore news
Turkey to Northern Cyprus Subsea Water Pipeline Project 2013
Trelleborg Offshore released a new film about the successful product delivery for the Northern Cyprus Water Pipeline project.
Check out the video below: 

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Trelleborg Offshore has a global presence with many class leading manufacturing facilities around the World.  Providing solutions primarily for the offshore Oil & Gas, Marine and offshore fabrication markets we are able to provide you with superior solutions for buoyancy, insulation and asset protection in the most demanding of applications from surface to seabed.
Our technologies and solutions are also used in other markets where high material integrity, longevity and performance is required.

Trelleborg PPL Ltd
Now part of the Trelleborg Offshore family, Trelleborg PPL Ltd offers leading polyurethane product and custom molding cababilities.
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