Trelleborg Launches new Ship-to-Ship Oil Transfer Solution

Trelleborg’s oil & marine hose operation has launched the KLELINE STS oil transfer solution, which is set to upgrade safety and operability standards in ship-to-ship (STS) oil transfer around the world. This solution sets a new benchmark for safe and efficient ship-to-ship oil transfer, inspired by unique floating hose design, qualified to GMPHOM 2009 standard.
STS transfer is becoming an increasingly popular option among ship operators and managers, as it allows vessels carrying liquid cargo to transfer offshore. This is something that can be particularly economical when a ship has multiple unload points throughout its journey or when draught restrictions prevent it from entering port. However, this type of transfer is particularly complex and requires proper coordination, equipment and approval to perform.

Vincent Lagarrigue, Director of Trelleborg’s oil and marine hoses, commented: “STS transfer is an essential and widely used part of efficient and cost-effective transport of oil all over the world. However, as the industry evolves, it is crucial we continually evaluate the long-term effectiveness of oil transfer solutions at each part of the value chain, along with operability.

“As suppliers, it is our duty to ensure that we are playing a role in raising standards across the industry by contributing our expertise as much as our products. This is why, at Trelleborg, we have launched a new solution for STS transfer in the form of KLELINE STS. When it comes to hoses, investment in higher specification products can reduce the need for maintenance, increase operability, and lessen the number of costly replacements over the lifecycle of a project, despite initial higher capex.”

The KLELINE STS hose consists of two carcasses made of steel cables, which enables the hose to withstand accidental kinks or crushing forces. In Trelleborg’s unique nippleless design, in contrast to a standard nipple hose design, there is no stiff metal connector in between different sections of the hose. The hose is therefore more flexible, and the continuous inner liner and integrated gasket create a perfect seal. This means there is no need for gaskets at each connection, increasing the simplicity of installation, resulting in a hose that can withstand stresses and strains for longer.

Most STS hoses are qualified to the EN 1765 standard. However, KLELINE STS hoses are qualified to a higher standard of GMPHOM 2009. The solution therefore offers increased resilience and service life along with a superior level of certainty and confidence in line with best practice regulations.

Trelleborg’s STS transfer offering also extends to ISO 17357:2014 compliant pneumatic fender systems, ship-shore link (SSL) and Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) technology, field proven Quick Release Hooks (QRH), Ship Performance Monitoring Systems, state-of-the-art Docking Aid Systems and advanced navigation and piloting solutions. Together with KLELINE STS, these products create a total solution for more efficient, safer and smarter STS transfer.


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