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Oil & Marine Hoses

Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses is the leading supplier of innovative and field-proven large-bore flexible bonded hoses for crude oil, chemicals, and LPG/LNG offshore transfer applications. We are a technology and innovation driven company that makes flexible bonded hoses with unrivalled and undisputed performance. Our products are designed and built with cutting edge solutions used in tire and aerospace industry, with high resistance to extreme operating environments and severe fatigue conditions.

R&D / Quality Management


Factory Acceptance Tests

Trelleborg Oil & Marine hoses are submitted to extensive Factory Acceptance Test Program according to international recognized standards (API Spec 17K; G.M.P.H.O.M. 2009) and specific project requirements.
Each hose is released by Quality Department only if it demonstrated his ability to withstand this Factory Acceptance “Torture” session.
Standard factory acceptance tests include Visual inspection, Hydrostatic test, Adhesion test, bending test, vacuum test… and we can also propose specific tests like tension and kerozene.
Customers or their representatives are welcome to attend these test sequences and witness the quality level of Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses.

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James hermary

James Hermary

James Hermary heads the development of LNG flexible hose solutions within Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions, leading a multidisciplinary design and testing team, building a full range of innovative marine LNG transfer solutions based on the Cryoline LNG hose.
James has been working on the development of the Cryoline LNG hose from the very beginning of the project, having a major contribution in the design phase, and leading the entire qualification process. Prior to this, James had worked during ten years in the automotive industry, working on technologies aiming at reducing vehicles emissions. Hence, James has been deeply involved in the development of gasoline injection systems, exhaust gas depollution technologies and hybrid vehicles lithium ion battery packs.
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, James took advantage from his experience in the management of multidisciplinary development teams. Hence, the Cryoline LNG hose involves a large variety of knowledge and skills, as it combines extreme and antagonistic performances, able to operate in harsh marine environments, while conveying LNG at cryogenic temperature, and integrating high end monitoring devices. Its design and qualification required the use of advanced computational tools, and complex full scale testing means.
James is now focused on bringing the Cryoline LNG floating hose as a key driver in the development of cost effective near shore and ship to shore LNG transfer solutions. 

david ponchon

David Ponchon

David Ponchon heads the Design Engineering and R&D activities of flexible bonded hose solutions within Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions, leading a multidisciplinary design and testing team, building a full range of transfer solutions for Oil & Gas sector.
David has been working on the development of API 17K certified products, including Swiline for seawater intake risers and Trelline hoses for deepwater oil offloading lines, having a major contribution in the detailed design, engineering and project management for tailoring these solutions to account for Clients’ and Projects’ specific requirements.
Prior to this, David had acquired experience in the Oil & Gas industry, working on the certification of rigid and flexible pipelines developments through design appraisal of engineering packages made by EPCI contractors. Also, David has been deeply involved in the type approval certification of different flexible pipes technologies from various manufacturers.
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, David took advantage from his experience in the management of multidisciplinary development teams. The design and qualification of new hoses required the use of advanced computational tools, and complex full scale testing means. 
David is now focused on enlarging Trelleborg offer with the development and qualification according to GMPHOM 2009 of Sealine nipple flange hose, coming in single and double carcass version, a cost-effective solution designed for offshore transfer of crude oil and refined petroleum products. 

nicolas landriere

Nicolas Landrière

Nicolas Landrière is the Product Manager for Trelleborg Oil Hoses and applications, a leading manufacturer of offshore offloading hoses for crude oil and refined products according to GMPHOM 2009 and OCIMF guidelines.
He provides product technical support to customers during all steps of their projects, from definition to expertise on site, and is responsible for definition and implementation of the product and marketing strategy. As technical specialist of hoses on the reel system applications, Nicolas also contributes to new product development.
Throughout his twelve years at Trelleborg, he has also worked as project and sales manager in the same division, and provides professional services and efficient solutions to technical and complex worldwide projects. 


Do you know?

outer cover

Outer Cover

The outer cover of our hoses is made with synthetic rubber. This rubber is specially formulated to be un-sensitive and highly resistant to UV rays from the sunlight, high temperatures like exposure to the flair radiation, seawater and the aggresions like abrasions during the operations. The rubber is made in our factory, his quality and performance insure a perfect protection of the hoses during the many years of service. Protection againt abrasion can be increased with an additional PolyUrethane (PU) layer.
tube vs fluids

Tube vs Fluids

The material selection for the inner liner of a hose is crucial. The typical function of a liner is to be compatible with the conveyed fluid, ensure the lowest possible permeation rate, exhibiting best mechanical properties and compatibility with operating temperature !
Crude oil, LPG, pure sulfuric acid, ammonia, seawater, each application is specific and requires a particular inner liner.
Finally, rubbers compound are not equal, when a compound is selected TRELLEBORG deploys in house expertise in rubber formulation to provide the best suitable compromise ensuring highest levels of quality. 
service support onsite

Service Support Onsite

Can I put this hose back to service ?

This is a frequently asked question raised during maintenance operations.
Did you know that we can despatch installation or field engineers to your site ?
We assist you during new project installation or at any maintance opportunity ensuring high level of service troughout whole service life of our products.

Feel free to contact us: oilandmarinehoses@trelleborg.com

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