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Trelleborg Offshore Oil & Gas Solutions is the leading supplier of innovative and field-proven large-bore flexible bonded hoses for crude oil, chemicals, and LPG/LNG offshore transfer applications. We are a technology and innovation driven company that makes flexible bonded hoses with unrivalled and undisputed performance. Our products are designed and built with cutting edge solutions used in tire and aerospace industry, with high resistance to extreme operating environments and severe fatigue conditions.

Exclusive Nippleless Design

Exclusive nippleless design


- Integrated bending stiffener
- Continuous inner liner & integrated gasket
- High fatigue resistance
- Dual carcass
- High flexibility
- GMPHOM 2009 / API Spec 17K

Standard Nipple Design

Standard nipple design


- Conventional hose construction
- Single or double carcass
- Leak detection system
- GMPHOM 2009

Research & Development

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James Hermary

Project Leader Development LNG

James Hermary heads the development of LNG flexible hose solutions within Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions, leading a multidisciplinary design and testing team, building a full range of innovative marine LNG transfer solutions based on the Cryoline LNG hose.

James has been working on the development of the Cryoline LNG hose from the very beginning of the project, having a major contribution in the design phase, and leading the entire qualification process. Prior to this, James had worked during ten years in the automotive industry, working on technologies aiming at reducing vehicles emissions. Hence, James has been deeply involved in the development of gasoline injection systems, exhaust gas depollution technologies and hybrid vehicles lithium ion battery packs.

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, James took advantage from his experience in the management of multidisciplinary development teams. Hence, the Cryoline LNG hose involves a large variety of knowledge and skills, as it combines extreme and antagonistic performances, able to operate in harsh marine environments, while conveying LNG at cryogenic temperature, and integrating high end monitoring devices. Its design and qualification required the use of advanced computational tools, and complex full scale testing means.

James is now focused on bringing the Cryoline LNG floating hose as a key driver in the development of cost effective near shore and ship to shore LNG transfer solutions.

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