Sealed to slide

Wardian London, an innovative residential complex in London’s Canary Wharf business district in England, combines modern architecture with organic nature. Trelleborg collaborated with aluminum manufacturer Wicona to develop an efficient expansion sealing concept for sliding doors that protect residents from the elements.

The Wardian complex consists of two skyscrapers. At 50 and 55 stories high, they offer space for 792 apartments, each with access to its own wrap-around private garden. Project developers EcoWorld Ballymore contracted Sipral, a facade specialist company, to deliver customized balcony structures with glass railings, as well as facade systems, including sliding doors, glass corners and windows.

Wicona, a subsidiary of the Hydro Group, was the system supplier for the element facade and developed a solution for the production of custom-made pull-slide doors for the balcony structures. These innovative, low-operating-force aluminum doors balance maximum natural light with exceptional weather performance for user comfort. They allow residents an unhindered view of London, as well as access to their private green terraces.

The element facade is equipped with expansion seals from Trelleborg. The profiles balance action and tolerances resulting from structural load or heat and cold expansion. They also prevent tension in facade elements, which could result in damage and leakage. he Trelleborg expansion seals were installed according to the solid bearing/floating bearing principle, where one side sits firmly in the facade element, while the other side can slide.

Bernhard Haass, Manager Design and Industrial Engineering for sealing profiles in Western and Eastern Europe within Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, explains: “As a result of many years of collaboration and close exchange of experiences from many projects, we can specify profile geometries at the quotation stage, which often do not need further modification.”

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