Driving innovation

The car you drive today is far from Mr. Ford’s original Model T. The business of designing and building vehicles is changing constantly, and automotive suppliers are key to making them safer and more efficient and sustainable.

Traveling by car should be a safe and comfortable experience. The automotive industry may have been around for more than 100 years, but innovations are coming thick and fast.

Many of us spend a considerable amount of our time behind the wheel of a car. It might seem that vehicles don’t change much over time, but in fact automotive technology is evolving continuously.

Some modifications are more visible, such as the shift from analog to electronic controls, but other transformations are not so obvious. In particular, as car manufacturers make their vehicles more sustainable, significant alterations are being made under the hood.

These developments as well as the emergence of electric vehicles are making the demands on automotive component suppliers more challenging. But high-end engineering from Trelleborg meets and exceeds the most stringent requirements of the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

1. Brakes
Unique rubber-to-metal composite materials damp noise and vibration in disc brake shims, enduring enormous strains and tension – extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, salt, water and oil. They are tested and proved in mountains and deserts, as well as in urban traffic and on the open highway.

2. Battery
Ventseal is specially designed for locked container applications such as batteries. It combines a seal and pressure relief function in a single product, making fuel- aving stopstart technology possible.

3. Drivetrain
The electric drive unit, a combined electric motor and gearbox in a shared housing, is the main cost driver of future electric vehicle development. While the gearbox of the drive unit requires efficient lubrication, it is essential that the motor remains  dry. Two innovative new seals from Trelleborg, HiSpin™ HS40 and PDR RT, provide a highly reliable seal between the two parts of the unit.

4. Steering gear
Boots that fit any type of steering system – hydraulic or electrically assisted power steering (HPS or EPS). The seal protects the steering joint from dirt and debris, as well as extension, compression and bending stresses.

5. Hoses
Volukler hoses for gasoline, biofuel and diesel pumps are textile-braided, long-lasting and resistant to abrasion with a smooth cover. 

6. Roof
When the sun is shining and drivers are on the open road, there is nothing better than feeling the breeze through an open sunroof. Precision seals ensure that even in torrential rain, everything in the car stays dry.

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