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Trelleborg is equipped to work with customized automotive applications, using a wide range of advanced materials and techniques, to provide effective solutions that will make you stay ahead. You will find we have made it easy to get in touch and stay in the know, from the moment we talk to the day we deliver. We work closely together with OEM customers and can provide everything from in-house compound development to design assistance and modern production techniques as well as additional post production services. Trelleborg facilities are located close to your markets in Europe, U.S and Asia.

Sealing & Damping

We provide a wide range of advanced and customized solutions that seal, damp and protect. Our extensive material portfolio makes it possible to be material neutral, offering solutions that provide the exact functionality required. We offer design assistance, material testing, finite element analysis, compatibility testing, mock-up assistance, rapid prototyping, custom packaging and overseas transport.

Hoses & Tubes

We provide extrusions in a variety of polymers and have over 100 approved compounds including EPDM, TPE, NR, SBR, VAMAC®, ECO, NBR/PVC, CR, HNBR and Silicone. Material performance and seal design are both critical to effective sealing. Our material portfolio together with our design resources will effectivly create the solutions you need. 


Our focus is to provide a polymer solution designed to promote maximum dampening for your application. The close co-operation with several large OEM’s, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers worldwide continue to build our knowledge base. Trust our design engineers with your challenges.


We provide a variety of single and co-extruded polymer solutions to protect the wide range of cable applications from wear, temperature and the elements as such. Having a broad material portfolio ensures us access to a material formulated to meet the requirements of the application, functionality guaranteed.

Molded hydraulic and pneumatic seals

O-Rings that withstand high pressures in shock absorbers, sophisticated gaskets in electronic control units (ECUs), safety critical custom-molded components in braking systems and seals that withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and aggressive media in fuel injectors. 

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Application overview

Trelleborg's solutions provide critical functionality in a wide range of vehicles.  

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Bumper seal

A protective cover also being a design element of the car. Extruded profiles with properties for a long life cycle.

Window seal

A seal that keeps water and dirt from sliding down together with the glas into the door.

Front-light & Back-light seal

Keeping the light house dry and dust free, assuring a long and problem free life cycle.

Sunroof seal

The demanding position of a rooftop leaves no room for failure. Trust our seals to do the job.

Mud guard

The mud guard is a multi functional seal. In all weather conditions contributing to the overal life cycle, in a premium product.

Wind-shield seal

A seal absorping movement between the glazing and the frame of the wind shield.

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