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Adria's Sunliving Camper
Front-light & Back-light seal
Keeping the light house dry and dust free, assuring a long and problem free life cycle.
Wind-shield seal
A seal absorbing movement between the glazing and the frame of the wind shield.
Bumper seal
A protective cover also being a design element of the car. Extruded profiles with properties for a long life cycle.
Sunroof seal
The demanding position of a rooftop leaves no room for failure. Trust our seals to do the job.
Window seal
A seal that keeps water and dirt from sliding down together with the glas into the door.

Dynamic and static seals 

Car tank strip

Some of our dynamic seals

Dashboard seal

Some of our static seals


Cable protection for cars

Seals and covers to protect

Hoses & Tubes

Water splashing from hose

Hose and tube solutions

Molded hydraulic and pneumatic seals


O-Rings and custom molded components

11 000 000
the number of vehicles having components provided by us, in the U.S. only.  
New Innovative Solution for Thule Group

New Innovative Solution

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