Diamond Offshore Drilling Signs Helical License Extension with Trelleborg

HGB Diamond Extension 1024
Following the successful manufacture of four strings of Helically Grooved Buoyancy for Diamond’s ‘Blackship’ vessels, combined with an extremely positive market reception to performance validation data, Diamond Offshore Drilling have extended the exclusive license for Trelleborg’s offshore operation to this patented technology until 2029.

Harris Reynolds, Director of Research & Development with Diamond Offshore Drilling, states: “We are looking forward to working with Trelleborg to further establish Helically Grooved Buoyancy as the solution of choice for vortex-induced vibration (VIV) mitigation. Trelleborg has been instrumental in progressing the design thus far and the choice was clear that we should continue this partnership.”

Antony Croston, Business Group Director with Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Houston, says: "We are committed to delivering innovative and reliable offshore solutions for our customers and are honored that Diamond Offshore has decided to extend this license agreement with us. We look forward to developing additional applications using this design for production risers and flowlines, as well as solutions that can be retrofitted to existing equipment.”

Helically grooved buoyancy is the result of a joint development between Trelleborg’s offshore operation and Diamond Offshore Drilling that integrates VIV suppression and drag reduction with drill riser buoyancy, increasing rig efficiency without compromising on safety or structural integrity. The design dimensions are optimized to ensure uncompromised uplift while effectively eliminating riser motions and higher levels of drag in onerous offshore current environments when compared to traditional riser buoyancy. The multi-functional solution integrates the technology to suppress VIV and reduce drag into DRBM equipment during manufacturing, essentially eliminating the requirement of ancillary suppression equipment, alleviating complicated and time intensive riser running and retrieval procedures.

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