Trelleborg Celebrates 60 Years of Manufacturing Products Made of Vulkollan®

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation has been awarded a prestigious plaque in recognition of manufacturing products made of Vulkollan® for 60 years.

 In addition, a new trade license agreement was signed as part of the formal presentation.

Ray Cann, Managing Director, of Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Retford says: “We are proud to have been one of the first manufacturers granted the licence to manufacture products from the high performing elastomer polyurethane Vulkollan. Over the years we have successfully used the material for a wide range of demanding applications across a number of industries.

“We think it is a fantastic achievement to be recognized by Covestro for our successful long-term partnership, and we look forward to manufacturing products made of Vulkollan® for another 60 years.”

Vulkollan® is a high-grade polyurethane elastomer based on raw materials from Bayer Material Science: Desmodur® 15 and special polyester polyols. The rubber-elastic material boasts outstanding mechanical load-bearing properties and dynamic load resistance. It is very versatile and can be machined or bonded to metal.

Ray Cann officially accepted the award from Steve Gormley, Managing Director of Covestro UK Ltd during the plaque presentation at Trelleborg’s applied technologies facility in Retford, England.


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