Wear resistant natural rubber, red.
Hoppers, chutes, operating cyclones, hydrocyclones, vibrating lines, extraction pump bodies, tanks, silos, etc., linings to protect equipment against very abrasive fine grain size products wear, due to their very nature (rock, wood, metal, all fine particle size materials, chemical products, etc.), density and hardness (medium to high), forms (fine particles, bulks, etc.), with dry conditions and maximum temperature 70°C.

Hanging panels fostering materials cleaning and removal.

Areas of activity: sand and gravel quarries, aggregate and cement industries, concrete plants, etc.
Excellent mechanical properties: tensile strength, elongation at break, tear resistance, abrasion, etc.
Excellent resistance to fine grain size products projection and fretting wear: sand, shot blasting, fine particles, abrasive dust, etc.
Great flexibility and resilience
Corrosion protection
Noise and vibration propagation reduction
Possibility to be produced with bonding layer for cold vulcanizing or with steel backing for mechanical fixing
Economy: reduce downtime and maintenance costs
Long service life: lower hourly costs
Mechanical, Physical and Chemical Properties

Product Sheet

Rubber Sheeting and Matting

Top liner 35

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