Food grade silicone containing an additive visible to metal detector equipment. Any loose fragment or eroded particle from the gasket can be detected easily by the scanners fitted along the food processing line.
Volume resistivity > 1,1 x 10^12 Ω·m
Surface resistivity > 3,2 x 10^13 Ω

Detection test:
SMD’s Samples run through metal detector (42 m/min). Result is converted to ferrous ball equivalent, 2,2 mm.
SMD particles placed in food stuff tray is detected by X-Ray and displayed.
For more detail ask to your local contact report nº SMD-X 201907
Gaskets or washers cutting and manufacturing of pieces for general industrial applications in contact with:
- foodstuffs
- water
- detergents
- diluted acids
- strong non oxidant acids
Talcum-free, clean surface free of dust
Time saver for cleaning and adhesive process
Very good resistance to ozone, UV light, weathering and ageing
Excellent temperature resistance (-60/+230ºC)
Good ratio quality/price
Food safety
Hygiene, cleanliness
Long life
Always follow manufacturer warnings and instructions when using any cleaning product.
Mechanical, Physical and Chemical Properties

Rubber Sheeting and Matting

Rubber Sheeting for Food Industry

Food grade certificate

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